Eric M. Wolff

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Eric M. Wolff, Ph.D.
Principal Autonomous Vehicle Engineer

About Me

Hi! I am currently working on algorithm and software development for self-driving cars at nuTonomy. I completed my PhD in Control and Dynamical Systems (part of Computing and Mathematical Sciences) at the California Institute of Technology. My advisor was Richard Murray, and I also worked with Joel Burdick. I was supported by both NDSEG and NSF fellowships.


My research interests span the areas of cyberphysical systems, robotics, and control theory. I am motivated by safety-critical applications involving autonomous air and ground vehicles carrying out complex tasks in uncertain and adversarial environments (e.g., a self-driving car driving around town). Current methods for the specification, design, and verification of such hybrid (discrete and continuous state) dynamical systems are ad hoc and may lead to unexpected failures. I draw on ideas from optimization, hybrid systems, and model checking to develop formal methods for guaranteeing the correct behavior of such systems. (details)


  • Aug 16: Launched world's first self-driving taxi service with nuTonomy!

  • May 16: Raised $16 million with nuTonomy!

  • Jan 16: Raised $3.6 million with nuTonomy!

  • Dec 14: Paper accepted at HSCC 2015.

  • July 14: Presented at two workshops at RSS 2014.

  • May 14: Paper accepted at IROS 2014.

  • Jan 14: Paper accepted at ACC 2014.

  • Jan 14: Paper accepted at ICRA 2014.

  • Sep 13: Visiting Necmiye Ozay at the University of Michigan on 10-1!

  • Aug 13: I will be visiting the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) for six weeks!

  • Jul 13: Speaking at SYNT 2013, the 2nd Workshop on Synthesis!

  • Apr 13: Visiting the University of Pennsylvania from 4-1 to 4-13!

  • Dec 12: Hosted REEL Science program for K-12 students.

  • Jul 12: Presented at Robotics: Science and Systems.

  • Jun 12: Passed candidacy!


Email: eric.m.wolff + gmail + com